July 12, 2004

The next phase of the Brood X invasion: little cicada nypmhs, sprinkling down from the leaves in a horrifying rain of sesame-seed-sized larvae with beady red eyes. The news says that at twilight it'll be like a shower of sparklies from the trees. Isn't anyone concerned about getting these things in their hair and skin? (More permanent link for when that AP story expires.)
  • I would worry about inhaling them and then waiting 17 years for the li'l bastards to fly out of my mouth in a stream of supernatural fury. But I've watched far too many Cronenberg movies, so perhaps I'm getting carried away...
  • A-dropping from the trees, Targeting me and you -- This newest US terror: Is cicada poo! We shall have to turban Our heads to save our hair! Or posssibly carry big bumbershoots And pray the cicadas ain't poon' in cahoots.
  • Holy crap... tornadoes, exploding volcanoes, plagues, earthquakes, alien abductions... was there some indian cememtery under your country or what, you USians...? :)
  • Umbrellas, folks, umbrellas.
  • BOOOOOOOOOO, Beeswacky! That was really, really bad. Everyone needs to be prepared
  • Insects are fucking gross.
  • Brood X has a name coolness factor of 11.