July 06, 2004

Sherlock Holmes Radio Plays I've been listening to these while doing some house repairs. 30 minutes each, varying in quality, most with great-in-a-terrible-way advertising, but chock full o' Sherlocky goodness!

Actually the advertising is one of the funny things about listening to these. In a jaded-highly-cynical way it's "cute". Which is not to detract from the characters and all-things-great herein.

  • Oh thanks! I am a huge Arthur Conan Doyle fan and enjoy various portrayals of Sherlock Holmes. Although Jeremy Brett does reign supreme!
  • I'd agree with that. But still over 50 years of Holmes, it's a little surprising at how similar they all are . . .
  • Remember listening to some of these, on both sides of the Atlantic. A great reference to bookmark as well as great fun, pete_best, thanks.
  • Oooh goody. I love otr and Sherlock Holmes. Thanks pete_best!
  • Ah, these are cool, its funny that there were so many different runs, sometimes several versions of the same script with different actors (or different combinations), I thin the speckled band has 4 different versions. Now if there was just a site like this for Dimension X/X Minus 1 (best ever), the whistler and the shadow, I like some of CBS mystery theaters from the 70s, also. And a place where I could get Kremel. (i love this stuff, the CBS affiliate in the seattle area used to play old radio shows on saturday and sunday nights after 10 or so. I couldnt make the saturday ones usually, but a good way to trail off at the end of a weekend.) Thanks.
  • This is a good site for more old radio shows. Lots of different genres, including mysteries.