July 06, 2004

"Kerry Picks Gephardt" Where did the NY Post get its information? Other sources are all saying it's Edwards, so who's mucking with the Post?
  • "Dewey Defeats Truman"
  • I just checked John Kerry's web site. It says "Kerry and Edwards A new team for America". So unless Kerry is trying to confuse us all, I'd say it's Edwards...Of course, it does not specifically say he is his the VP candidate, just they they are a "Team". So I suppose it could be Gephardt.
  • It's Edwards. I heard it from Kerry's own mouth on the news conference this morning.
  • Gephardt wishes. Back to the House with thee, sirrah!
  • I heard the news about Edwards this morning on NPR, then did a doubletake as I passed by the NY Post. I am a little curious to know what their article says, since they were clearly not in the loop. Interestingly enough, the Post has the correct information on their website, but instead of showing the front page of today's paper, they have the back page up.
  • To quote an acquaintance of mine: "You read the Post?"
  • yeah, journalistic shit happens. heh.
  • typical mass media meme fuckery! May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their underwear! *shakes fist* /crank
  • Quoth teh Post... (and no, I don't read it, except for the sheer entertainment value that there are actually New Yorkers that believe this crap...) "John Kerry has chosen Rep. Richard Gephardt, the veteran congressman from missouri to be his running mate, the Post has learned." The rest is just a short history of the decioin process and then them miraculously pulling Gephardt out of their asses.
  • It's clearly a crossed wire on the quantum level. Two universes over, Kerry did pick Gephardt, and your next door neighbor has a beard. Oddly enough, those are the only differences between the two universes. 7a
  • I'm looking for the universe where Bush is a toothless carnival ride operator in the Ozarks. 7b
  • The post pulled the article.
  • It's clearly a crossed wire on the quantum level. Two universes over, Kerry did pick Gephardt Yeah, but Mad Maxx stabbed Gephardt in the eye a few minutes later in that particular universe.
  • That's the problem with quantum. Lots and lots of universes where Bush is a toothless carnival ride operator in the Ozarks. None of them are anywhere near us though. Figure the first things to emerge from the big bang could go one of eight directions.* On some level, they did, giving us 8 different universes. Now keep that split, and give us 8 different directions again. Of the infinite$ number of universes, the ones closest to us are only different by a few spins of one electron. Or say it's only actions that create different ones. At least one gets created when I post this, one where I didn't. Didn't everybody know Kerry'd pick Edwards though? I mean, it's been an open secret since Edwards conceded, or so I thought. I guess it's nice to have it official. *I picked 8 at random. Even if it was only two, a choice is a choice. $Close enough. It'd be a number that we wouldn't be done counting when we hit the heat death of the universe, simply because it'd keep growing right up till the end. Also, I apologize for going so hideously off topic in a politics thread. Woke up thinking of these things is all.
  • I'm looking for the universe where Bush is a toothless carnival ride operator in the Ozarks. You're telling me he's not? My god! I vectored into the wrong eigenstate! Nurse! More opium, Stat!
  • +1 to Pez for the purpose of transporting him into a new probable reality. Don't spend it all in one reality.
  • I still think the boldest choice for Veep would have been... Al Gore.
  • People are still under the impression (whether false or not) that Gore is a whiny loser that didn't want to accept defeat. Many democrats will still say today that they would have rather had bush than gore when 9/11 came around. Of course I don't share these opinions, but I think Edwards was a strong choice. Whatever happened to hillary for vp?
  • I'd like Hillary, but I'm afraid it would be political suicide for Kerry to do choose her. She'd be a real boost in predominantly liberal districts and states, but down here in the South it'd be the electoral equivalent of heat death.
  • What does the have to do with the song Sludgefest by Dinosaur Jr?
  • The Smoking Gun has a copy of the original aricle. I still don't know what it has to do with the song Sludgefest by Dinosaur Jr., though.
  • Botox is soooo going to kiss Blondie, there. *pant* What'd I miss?
  • Is every thread about the nature of reality today? Or is it just this universe?
  • Just wondering, but what are monkey's responses to this? I, personally, expected Edwards to be chosen and think it's a good choice given the amount of supporters Edwards had in the primaries. Do you think his lack of foreign policy will be a big issue like the right has already attacked him of? Was anyone hoping for someone else and if so, who and why? /Curious George
  • Do you think his lack of foreign policy will be a big issue like the right has already attacked him of? As opposed to Bush, who had foreign policy experience coming out of his ears before taking office? They'll try, just like they will try to make hay of his background as a trial lawyer, but I think that he makes a formidable addition- he's a great campaigner, good on the stump, approachable. I would have voted for Kerry regardless of who he picked for VP, so it's hard for me to gauge how important a factor it really is. I am relieved that it isn't Gephardt, who I'm sure is a good and decent man, but has the charisma of a doorknob.
  • I think Edwards will make a very good vice. He's charismatic, which is something Kerry lacks, and his inexperience is in some ways a blessing. It's hard to dig up dirt on a man who hasn't had a chance to get dirty after all. With any luck the debate will have judo-style handwaving. Tigerclaw vs Angry Bunny!
  • I personally liked Bill Richardson, but this is the winning ticket. This is going to get good, nice guy vs. evil zombie debate October 5, Case Western Reserve Univ.
  • It's hard to dig up dirt on a man who hasn't had a chance to get dirty after all. I dunno, he was a trial lawyer after all. Something tells me they're gonna dig up some of his not-so-innocent defendants and blame him for protecting the bad guys. "How can this man stand against terrorism when he defends it in the courtroom?"
  • The Dems said the same thing -- "no foreign policy experience" -- about Ronald Reagan. I'm not saying Reagan had the best foreign policy ever by my point of view, but the neocons say otherwise.
  • The RNC has already released their talking points on Edwards and guess who posted it ASAP, along with repeating one of the points.
  • Lauch Faircloth attacked John Edwards for being a trial lawyer and failed miserably. He lost his seat in the Senate.
  • Wow, thanks for that last link Sullivan. Great stuff
  • Working For Change
    Edwards is a safe pick, one that, if it doesn't discernibly help in November, won't hurt, either. But it tells us more about Kerry than it does about Edwards. And what it tells us is this: here is a man who is not prone to taking risks.
  • I wonder if Bush might seriously consider this guy's advice. Dumping Cheney for someone like McCain or Powell would definitely help soften his image, but I can't see either of them accepting the role.
  • Sounds like the headline went out on Rupert's sayso. (Warning
  • This November, it's going to be two rich crackers VS. two rich crackers. Many people think that the two rich white guys will win, but it really looks like it will be a close race! Personally, I'm going to vote for the privileged cracker that was in the Skull & Bones fraternity at Yale.
  • My favorite reaction to the news was Tucker Carlson's, which went along the lines of, "Hey look, two rich white guys." Tucker, you're a rich white guy, STFU.
  • Ann Coulter weighs in on John Edwards.
    In one of the many stratagems Democrats have developed to avoid telling people what they believe, all Edwards wants to talk about is his cracker-barrel humble origins story. We're supposed to swoon over his "life story," as the flacks say, which apparently consists of the amazing fact that ... his father was a millworker! That's right up there with "Clinton's stepdad was a drunk" and "Ted Kennedy's dad was a womanizing bootlegger" on my inspirational life-stories meter. In fact, I'm immediately renouncing my university degrees and going to work for the post office just to give my future children a shot at having a "life story," should they decide to run for president someday.
    Keep talking Ann. Let middle America really know how conservative the right has become. Kevin Drum writes about how the true powerhouses of the Republican Party are being kept offstage during the GOP Convention.
    Whenever you hear anyone
  • once upon a time... Funny, I don't think the White House would permit such a pop quiz now, and I have my doubts about whether he would pass today...