July 06, 2004

Forget Spiderman. Forget Batman. It's Superduperman!

Don Glut has been making amateur fan films about superheroes since the 60's...and amateur horror movies for even longer. (Ima hafta see if I can procure any of these for my viewing pleasure!)

  • I remember Superduperman was the title of the Mad Magazine parody of the movie, when the first Christopher Reeve one came out.
  • It was also the title of their parody of the comic, back when Mad itself was a comic. Over on this page, you can see the first panel of it (scroll down to the second line of images).
  • Hey Tracicle, do they still have Super Liquor Man stores in NZ?
  • They have Super Liquor, but I know nothing of this Super Liquor Man of which you speak. Unless, perhaps, you are referring to my brother.
  • Maybe Super Liquor Man was the mascot. There was one in Palmy when I was there about a hundred years ago, and on the sign was a guy in blue tights with a red cape and a big SL on his chest (I think) and he was Super Liquor Man. I thought it was classic.
  • I hate to say this, especially not knowing how old you are, Sooooz, but that might have been before I was old enough to notice liquor stores. He'd probably be illegal these days, what with our government babysitting us the way they currently are.
  • Actually it was only 12 years ago, it just feels like a hundred. Cause I'm old.
  • Pfft, that's not that long ago. I should have heard of Super Liquor Man, but I obviously blocked it from my memory for many horrible reasons.