July 06, 2004

Samus Aran, Rock On I'm not sure how many people here are Metroid or heavy metal fans, but Stemage rocks out.
  • I'm somewhat of a fan here. I wish some of their arrangements were less repetitive, however. They're performing in an almost prog-metal style, which leaves a lot open for improv/variation. It's a shame so little game music today is as inspiring as some of the 8-bit ditties composed for the NES. Metroid, Section-Z, Zanac (short but kind of wicked tunes), Wizards and Warriors, Castlevania, etc.
  • I've recently become a fan of Hatebeak.
  • I'll give HATEBEAK! a stab later. In the meantime I'll just comment that their website looks like a glitch.
  • ... or those hidden worlds in Metroid ...
  • I'll give HATEBEAK! a stab later Or a peck. Schwaumlaut, thanks for the distinction between Metroid or heavy metal fan :) I'm the latter, only. Speaking of which, The Eye Of Every Storm comes out very soon. If you're a fan of progressive metal, it's only a small leap to the epic chaotic rhythmic sweetness that is Neurosis.
  • If they ever made a Metroid movie with Drew Barrymore as Samus, I would cease to download internet pr0n. And sadly, those "hidden worlds" weren't exactly real.
  • And sadly, those "hidden worlds" weren't exactly real Exactly! Glitch = HATEBEAK! website = hidden worlds.
  • I picked up Metroid Prime the other day, and it kicks my ass in all kinds of painful ways.
  • freethought, are you implying some sort of Hatebeak/Chozo conspiracy?
  • Metroid Prime is fantastic. I'm getting a bit tired of the old vid game rock and roll meme, but i'll give these ones a shot. Best video game music (still not covered to my knowledge)? Marble Madness Level One.
  • Yeah, the Marble Madness music is pretty unique. The later levels have some really creepy stuff.