July 02, 2004

Rock, Paper, Saddam -- this is completely wrong. Completely without tact. I apologize.

Tiger hand beats paper!! RAAAAARRR!!!

  • That was brilliant. (I like wrong and tactless things, most of the time.)
  • So fast, so fast! How do people come up with this stuff?
  • Wonkette on Saddam's first day in court.
    A favorite bit: Saddam's contention that invading Kuwait was justified because "[t]hey were trying to turn Iraqi women into prostitutes for just $10 ten dinars*." We're dying to know what the counter-offer was, and if it included a book deal.
  • Kimberly, well, just, thanks. That was beautiful. Happy Friday!!
  • I laughed.
  • Geniuine genius.
  • an instant classic! (pelts kimberly with nanners)
  • NYERMMMM. PEN MISSILE!!!! Thank you for making my Friday!
  • "Dude, say it, don't spray it." Heh.
  • Tiger claw...he's been studying Rumsfeld-foo. Is it me, or does the beard work for him? There's something Ian McKellen-y about him now.
  • uh, yeah TIGER CLAW!! THE ONE RING!! not going any further I need a vacation
  • See? I knew it. That's where he learned tiger claw.
  • Good find Kimberly! I cant stop laughing!
  • I've got your two papers RIGHT HERE. also, what f8x said
  • It's actually called "Lion Claw Technique."
  • Lisa: Look, there's only one way to settle this. Rock-paper-scissors. Lisa's brain: Poor predictable Bart. Always takes 'rock'. Bart's brain: Good ol' 'rock'. Nuthin' beats that! Bart: Rock! Lisa: Paper. Bart: D'oh! Excellent Friday find, Kimberly.
  • This is so wrong that it circles all the way around back to right. Hee! thanks, Kimberly!
  • Good call, Kimberly! RAARRR!
  • The Saddam link reminds me of this.
  • Nice!! Like totally beats paper. Always!
  • NYERMMMM.I love this.NYERMMMM.Thank you Kimberly!NYERMMMM.
  • Am I the only one who finds the new Saddam in these photos to be movie-star handsome and sexy?
  • Am I the only one who finds the new Saddam in these photos to be movie-star handsome and sexy? I have also had sex with him. Using a pen.
  • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is all.