July 02, 2004

How to turn your iPod into a pirate radio... And other crazy fun tricks.
  • Bah, I'm disappointed. I was hoping to see something that would cover large metropolitan areas. Much more fun.
  • I was too. I'd run to buy an iPod if that was something feasible.
  • nonetheless, it makes me want an iPod even MORE now. Goddamn expensive toys I can't live without...
  • I wish I had that kind of fm broadcaster. I like the kind I have fine, but I would love to record a message "Turn that crap down!" and pull next to some ass with his stereo pumped up and play that. It would be SO awesome!
  • Very Cool! Seems it shouldn't be too hard to get better range- do we have any ham radio people around to enlighten us?
  • ahh this brings back memories. i might know something about setting up pirate tv stations, but that would've been seven or eight years ago... though probably still feasable now. of course, having a ham guy on hand is indeed helpful... both for their knowledge and their gadgets. Phrack or possibly 2600 might be a good places to start if one was interested in learning more..