July 02, 2004

TISM: a band, & buncha guys having fun and swearing a lot

So it has been a while since I've lived in Melbourne, and I'd forgotten all about TISM and their *ahem* sometimes oddball lyrics. And then I read this (click register later) and, well, it turns out that there's a webring and everything and, well, that sort of thing seems like it's a bit of a downer, for some reason or other. And I wouldn't normally care but the coffee sucked today, I've spent a week chasing an idea which didn't pan out, (and I now know a lot more about dipole moments, dielectric constants and electroosmotic flow). The sort of day where lutefisk seems like a good idea. Hilarity ensues!! actually, the lutefisk link is......is that really what it's like? So, how you other monkeys doin this Friday?

  • TGIFF!
  • Best. Australian. Band. Ever. (I found out about them when they had their brief fillip of chart success with what they themselves refer to as "that River Phoenix song")
  • The River Phoenix song dates me finding out about them too. I think that the art value of Homeboy is higher though.
  • I've had beers with these guys.
  • *is jealous of Wolof* Yes, River Phoenix song. On a Triple J compilation, although I forget which.
  • I love their names, and the names of their songs and their songs. Hilarious!
  • Hmm. For me it's a tough choice between "What Nationality is Les Murray?", "Garbage", and "Give Up for Australia" (which must put them in danger of being lynched by John Howard's core constituency).
  • They had the best album title too
  • I feel compelled to mention local boys (local to me anyway, being Boston raised myself) Anal Cunt. A friend of mine opened at their final show - they played about 20 seconds into their first song, yelled "Fuck this" and walked off. The band produced two seperate spin-offs after this, one calling themselves "YOU'RE FIRED" (Possible BTTF reference? McFly?) and one calling themselves "Full Blown AIDS" (no parenthetical elaboration needed).