July 02, 2004

Curious George Lately I've found myself strangely addicted to the "Deleted FPP" page.

Obviously, I'm not the only one. Now, barring the need for some to fling the last nugget of poo, what keeps us coming back day after day to a page that, by definition, really shouldn't exist?

  • Well, the first entirely nuked page lost its life today. Consider the "deleted posts" list a yellow card.
  • 3 words Nickdanger... Mmmmmmm, forbidden doughnut [/homer]
  • Wow. Our first fatality. Should we set up a memorial?
  • Can't we just let it die an unmourned death? Or bury it deep and sew the earth with salt.
  • or forbidden doughnuts.
  • Wow. Our first fatality. Actually, there's been lots of permanently deleted posts. Mostly doubles.
  • Er, silly question, where's the deleted FPP page?
  • Oh, fuck me, it's right there on the right side now. Why wasn't that showing up before? /me starts his addiction to deleted FPPs as well
  • Do the individual profiles list "All links posted by that were deleted? That'd add to the fun.
  • Will this thread be deleted? Because that would be kind of funny.
  • Lookin at the recent comments list, there are threads which live on, deleted, zombie threads with a never ending search for brains. Monkeybrains, natch. And from this we conclude that.... deleted threads can be kinda cool, cos they're the ones which just stepped over the line. DPs are generally dull, of course, but....other things can be enlightening. It's only when that outer envelope of imbecility or incivility is being pushed that you find out what other people are really like.
  • It's the whole train wreck phenomenon. You know you should probably look away, but you can't because there's something too fascinating about it.
  • It's also the whole insiders thing. I miss so much if I don't follow these threads.
  • It's kind of funny that the hall of shame turns out to be a hall of fame.
  • a tip to the newer monkeys: set your profile . . umm. . thread. . thingy to 10000 and you'll get a bigger sidebar. And your partner will be happier.
  • Yeah, there's the trainwreck factor to be sure. But there's also a sort of "historical" appeal. After all, it's partly the battles, the trolling and the Cocks that give us a sense of shared experience, which is what lies at the heart of a community. Plus, it's just kind of cool to wander through the poo-stained battle fields a few weeks after the fact and try to figure out just what the hell happened.
  • Ah, muchas gracias, pete. Didn't know you could change that.
  • no worries MCTool. To Mr. Danger's point, I love how threads on MoFi can go anywhere. That's what makes threads fun to revisit and keep alive even long after the initial purpose has been run roughshod over ;)