July 01, 2004

The Wonderful World of The World Famous *BOB* 'There are boobs and there is *BOB* - New York City's self-described "female-female impersonator"'
  • inside pages maybe NSFW, sorry I didn't mention that in the FPP!!
  • Wow! "Bob" is straight out of the 1950s, except when she looks like Joan Crawford, and except that her breasts are more like late 90s.
  • What exactly are "boob aerobics"? If I do them, will my boobs grow big and strong like hers?
  • ))))) She looks like a more decent, saner version of Anna Nicole Smith.
  • Dr. Zira: Way back in the seventys, I had an aerobics class with a teacher that had us put our arms nearly straight out (slight bend to the elbow) and clench our fists. If it's done right, the muscle running from the shoulder in front where the boob curves will tighten. This woman had some bodacious tatas--and she could do amazing things by tightening that muscle. When she dropped the class, I quit doing it. Perhaps I should have continued? * ( ) ( ) ** . .
  • *cries Well, it looked right on my preview.
  • BlueHorse, those are ... um ... strange.