July 01, 2004

Curious, George: CD burning software for windows.

Ahead Nero is way too big for me. I would use the software bundled with my burner, but it doesn't work with Windows XP. cdrtools command line intimidates me, and I don't seem to be that good with google. So I'm looking for either a good Windows XP front-end to cdrtools, or a freeware Windows burning program that just works -- not CDrburningXP Pro or whatever that is (and did I mention free?).

  • Does the software you got with your burner not have a site with a WinXP patch?
  • It sounds stupid, but have you tried the built in Windows XP CD-writing gumph? It's simple, but it can't be beat for drag-and drop functionality. Drag and drop the files, a couple of clicks and you're away.
  • I second Blaise's comment... drop and drag simplicity. Try looking into Roxio's EZ CD software. Nero is my pick for the best software, but Roxio would be right after that.
  • Thanks. I didn't even know there was a CD writing utility built in Windows XP. Just what I needed.