July 01, 2004

The Book of Sand -- The pages of the Book of Sand are infinite and randomly numbered. The pages of Borges' story The Book of Sand, as presented here, are also randomly numbered, but conveniently, there are only eight of them. Can you put the pages in the proper order?
  • What a great find. Borges is one of my favorite writers and this a great game.
  • Yes I can. Interesting idea for a puzzle.
  • Great find, and great read!
  • Great post Kimberly! Not only did I get to solve a puzzle, I also found a new author :o)
  • I'd forgotten about this site. Excellent. Cheers.
  • A nice old bookfilter thread on Borges, if anyone's interested.
  • Good stuff, and a fun puzzle to solve. This is the first time I've ever read Borges -- he's always been on my "to do" list, but I'd not read him until now. I'm definitely going to read more, after this. ))))) for Kimberly.
  • Nice!!
  • *applauds and whistles wildly* Super~ no, superb link, Kimberly, thanks!
  • It would be really cool to post this kind of game with a non-linear story. Something short, roughly the same size, that tells the story out of sequence. Then you'd really hook some book nerds.
  • Young woman, share your fire with me My heart is cold, my soul is free I am a stranger in your land A wandering man. They call me Sand.
  • I have The Book of Sand at my elbow as I write. It's a talismanic thing.
  • Young woman shared her fire with me Now warms herself in memory I was a stranger in her land Wandering man, she called me Sand
  • Fantastic Zoology The complete series of illustrations for The Book of Imaginary Beings.
  • Two points: 1)I'd forgotten how great this post was. This was actually the first time I read Borges. 2) Islander's link is worthy of its own post, IMO. Excellent find, islander.
  • You beepin' monkies have the most ineresting links. I keep book markin' 'em with the hopes of reading them one day