July 01, 2004

House of Jerky. Need I say more?
  • mmm...dried meaty goodness The salmon jerky looks especially tasty. /salmon fanatic
  • I loves me some jerky. My jaw, it complains, but mmmmmmmm good.
  • I love jerky as well. I'm a big fan of Turkey Jerky
  • I like saying it. Turkey Jerky. Turkey Jerky.Turkey Jerky. TurkeyJerkyTurkeyJerkyTurkeyJerkyTurkeyJerkyTurkeyJerky. Whee!
  • Looking to get 2004 the summer off right? What about a Jerky of the Month subscription? You can select any jerky choice in the 8oz size for a 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or 12 month subscription. heh. jerky goodness.
  • Oh my gad. Review: As someone who's had gastric bypass surgery (and has lost 200 lbs in 14 months), I've been seeking the best tasting beef and turkey jerky that I can find. Jerky is a great fall back that is low in fat, high in protein and moderate in carbs when I am having a hard time getting and keeping foods down or am dealing with "head hunger". By far, the Teriyaki Beef, Teriyaki Turkey and Sweet & Spicy Beef are the best jerky's I've come across (through MUCH trial and error experimentation with different jerky)! The House of Jerky's jerky is consistent in quality, tastes fabulous, is not too sticky and offers very little to no mess. I have recommended it to all in my GastricBypass-PostOp YahooGroup!!!
  • shinything I have had tuna jerky & it was quite good!
  • "Is there any meat this man can't jerk???" - Hermes Conrad