June 30, 2004

You only die once. It could happen at any time. When it happens to you, will you be ready? Contrary to what you might think, living wills and preparations for the end of life are not only for the elderly. Disaster can hit anyone at any age. The time to make your decisions and write your last words for the future is now -- while you still can. Click here to Subscribe Now!
  • Spam from beyond the grave...
  • Does Jimmy the Saint own this company?
  • This service is for anyone who thinks they will die someday huh?
  • I've been giving some thought to this lately. What would happen, should I go away unexpectedly? Being single, it's all the legal crap, the materialistic side that worries me. All that stuff clients will need, stashed on my hard drives. My close family, what will they make out of the junk left behind? People I've got some contact over the net, what will they think should I stop posting and emailing? Some people find this morbid, not something to be commented. But it's better to leave everything sorted out. Who knows, one day we might fall into a hole, have a meteorite crush our heads, have an ex post *those* pics and die of embarrasment, have some weird, ah, accident involving feces...
  • I blame Ian.
  • (aw, come on, pete, i'm tryin'! now, where's them ginger snaps???)
  • This service is for anyone who thinks they will die someday huh Come on SideDish, didn't you know that Americans feel ice cream is mandatory and death is optional? (-;
  • I consider this offensive to those of us who may be immortal.
  • Vampires just don't get any respect anymore, Mfpb 2 21... I wonder if it has to do with all the people we kill for blood. NAH! And just remember kids, "YOU ONLY DIE ONCE", so let's make it count.
  • SideDish: I intend to be cryonically frozen and then thawed at some point in the future, so I don't intend to "die" per se.
  • perhaps, musing, you could write YOURSELF an email. to you in the future. just so, you know, you don't forget where you left your keys or the cat or something.
  • how would you sue if they don't deliver? YOU"RE DEAD! And wouldn't telling your family/friends about it ahead of time defeat the purpose? "Hey, honey, guess what! I sent you an email telling you a lot of really important stuff, but you'll read it over my dead body...No, really!"
  • One dignity delays for all, One mitred afternoon. None can avoid this purple, None evade this crown. Coach it insures, and footmen, Chamber and state and throng; Bells, also, in the village, As we ride grand along. What dignified attendants, What service when we pause! How loyally at parting Their hundred hats they raise! How pomp surpassing ermine, When simple you and I Present our meek escutcheon, And claim the rank to die! --Emily Dickenson
  • The TRUTH IS: You are all already dead. This is all an illusion. The reality you think is Earth, is really that of purgatory.
  • Is God using our souls to power his television? Is this somehow like the Matrix?
  • Say what you need to say to while you're still alive. Do it now! Time's a-wasting!
  • Say what you need to say to while you're still alive. or still not dead... braiiinsssss...
  • I almost died! I just fell off my bike yesterday, going rather fast I may add. I got a concussion and was knocked out until after the paramedics came.
    Very scary stuff-waking up not remembering how you got where you are, what month it is and where you were coming from! Thank goodness for my thick brow ridge and skull. Also considering I was biking in traffic I am lucky to have not been killed by a car.
    The wierd thing is that if I would have been killed, I would have had no memory of it at all. One moment I was biking along keeping pace with a gold Jaguar and the next waking and looking up at the sky. Going through an experience like that, for me at least, reinforces the illusary nature of perception and that, despite the incridible resiliancy of the human body, all it takes is one twist of events to fuck you over...
  • kuatto. I'm glad you are still here. Sadly, you are neither alive or dead... Stop munching my brain!!
  • Yikes, kuatto, glad you're ok....
  • Good grief, kuatto! We're all glad you're still with us. But will you be going for check-ups? Head trauma, muscle sprains etc.... You take care, okie? *HUG* for luck
  • I almost died! I just fell off my bike yesterday, going rather fast I may add Bet you weren't wearing a helmet? What made me a believer in bicycle helmets is a Emergency Medical Technician bulletin from the state of florida (I had an EMT license). They had done a study where they looked at bicycle fatalities in the state. The first thing they found was that the rate of fatalities in Florida was 160% above the national average. This isn't too surprising since Florida has lots of tourists and you can ride twelve months out of the year there. Then they took all the medical records from a years worth of fatalities to a panel of emergency room physicians. The physicians estimated that in 80% of the cases the people would have lived with minor injuries, broken bones at the worst. That statisitc made me a beleiver in helmets.