June 30, 2004

German Star Trek Parody Coming soon to a theater in Germany near you...homoerotic Star Trek!

I guess this trailer has been out for a while. I searched mofi and didn't find any links for it - so forgive me if this has been posted before.

  • This made me laugh out loud. I'm not sure how the jousting tourney fits into Star Trek/Star Wars, but I'm willing to allow that as either creative license or my crap German. I thank you for this, even if everybody else and their Uncle Jim have already seen this.
  • I've never seen it, it looks hysterical. I speak german, too!
  • ilyadeux, this movie is a parody of multiple films. The joust is because they have to take a trip back in time to save the earth, which has been the plot of various sci-fi shows and movies. I don't know anymore than what this trailer has to offer, but I speak fluent German, so I could understand the dialog.
  • I have seen this and re-watched it every few weeks or so when I need a laugh. Eggcellent, perhaps now when it comes out, some of you enterprising monkeys might help me acquire a copy for viewing.
  • german is such a silly language! i know, i know, totally un-PC. but ... it's just silly.
  • german is such a silly language! That is why we love it so.
  • Makes me wish I spoke it. I hope it will be released with subtitles in the US. It looks great.
  • John Belushi doing Kirk on SNL is still tops.
  • [PigAlien: I figured it was a Star Trek IV-type deal, where they choose "Medieval Europe" because of the better Ho-Yay costume opportunities, but couldn't be sure...as my German is essentially limited to "Entschuldigung" and "Das ist nicht mein Bier."]
  • Blick! A new trailer! [Requires Quicktime] Oh man, they should dub this into English and market it to the Spaceballs set--it's so there.
  • So any of you monkeys seen this? Better yet, any of you monkeys able to, er, gain access to a copy?