June 30, 2004

Best videogame joints! Insert Credit | Crunk Games | Gamingredients | Gameforms | 1up | Game Girl Advance

Share your own favourite links, or sit back and laugh at people who love videogames so much, because I know you want to. :(

  • Not an internet site - you actually have to buy a print version and stuff - but this is the greatest video games magazine about.
  • You get bonus points for knowing about that zine! I'd forgotten all about it, though. I guess I need to go buy a copy, to repent.
  • Ahhh! Geeky Goodness! My Favs --> Gamertag Database, Penny Arcade, Gameindustry.biz
  • Also, World of Stuart is excellent.
  • I collect old video game consoles so my 2 favorite sites are Digital Press and Atari Age.
  • delightfully feces-free on all links. A tip of the banana to you.
  • Well, to toot my own horn, I like to think that my blog popularculturegaming is of some merit if only for my blog roll of all the videogame theory blogs of which I am aware. I have all of them bookmarked as a collection of tabs in mozilla and check them all out daily. One of the most usefull sites for news-worthy bits is games.slashdot.org.
  • Monkeyfilter: Geeky Goodness!
  • If old-school gaming is what you're looking for, and have some days to burn away, reliving your youthful 80s', the MacMAME emulator lets you play the very coin-op games on your desktop. You'll have to hunt for ROMs, but hey, that's what google is for. Somewhat off-topic, but for those of us also infected with the pinball bug (HighSpeed R00l3z!), the VPForums gives access to many emulated tables. Windows only, alas. But that's what VirtualPC is for... ^_^
  • Aw, man. Just seeing the words 'Insert Credit' gave me such a moment of nostalgia. Thanks S&P! /old
  • Flagpole: Take MacMAME one step further and build your own MAME cabinet with help from Ultimarc.
  • Dang, I can't even pimp my own site correctly! here's a working link (I hope!) popularculturegaming.
  • Some great links people. Special gold star award goes to jccalhoun, who is a member of an intricate network of linked sites that seem to be very much into talking about videogames in a very special way. I'd find better words to describe what I'm trying to say, but that would use up precious life energy! (I'm glad to see many old school gamers are out and about. I was quite young back when things like the Colecovision were cool, but I played enough to be able to get jolts of nostalgia through emulation. Classic Gaming is a delightful site with some downloads of really old stuff. Run by Gamespy, amazingly.)
  • Gameforms was kind of a successor to TheGIA.com. Sadly, It never really recaptured the same credibility or spirit if it's predecessor. My primary sources for game information are Gamerankings.com, gamespot.com and 1up.com. And anything the guys at Penny-Arcade recommend usually does fine by me. Lastly, for the video game itself, you cannot go wrong with gamefaqs. You will never need another strategy guide again. Also, each game has pretty active message boards. You just might have to put up with the occasional "STUF, N00b!!1one!"
  • A couple more sites! i hate this game Evil Avatar Game Critics
  • Also, Way of the Rodent is an excellent gaming magazine.