June 30, 2004

The Kooks Museum - This appears not to have been posted already! Amazing! Here you will find the ravings of the immortal Francis E. Dec ("Frankenstein Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy!! splutter splutter!"), the proof that in reality horror author Stephen King killed John Lennon, and the story of "Rockin'" Rollen Stewart who used to be ubiquitous on US televised sporting events during the '80s, always positioned grinning wildly in front of the cameras with a rainbow fright-wig and a placard bearing biblical inscriptions, and who later got busted in a 10-hour hostage siege at the LAX Hyatt Hotel. Dig!

Yes, we've had wackymonkey.org's list of Kooks linked before, but for my mind, it just doesn't capture the quintessence of craziness. Kooks Museum is far more entertaining, even if it has the web design ethic of 1997, but in any case it is more entertaining than enema fetishism and videos of cats being mutilated. Grok?

  • An appalling labyrinth of loonies, Nostril, you have penetrated the tangled tree-roots of wackiness with this wittol's tribute to kookdom. Diverting to read about, probably less so to live with.
  • bees!
  • a wonderful post, befitting of jim loy!
  • It warms the cockles of my heart.
  • Poor Rollen
  • Great post. I love that Stephen King/John Lenno theory, even if I don't quite understand it.
  • I knew that Stephen King theory sounded familiar.
  • Who the hell is Jim Loy?
  • Oh shit. Now I know.
  • Jim Loy. (an old monkeyfilter classic thread)
  • Oh, sorry, Nostrildamus.
  • It occurs to me that if a person really wanted to have a kooks museum all they would hafe to do is gather up all the Monkeyfilterites and put them on display.
  • things go better with kooks
  • ??
  • Riffed on old advertizing lie tag, petes, namely: Things go better with Coke.
  • Ah, yes, Bees. Do you remember the old kid's joke? Why don't you eat monsters with Pepsi? Because Things go better with Coke.
  • spray Coke on monsters
    watch 'em run
    torment the sphinx
    with a new conun