November 24, 2003

Forty years ago today Doctor Who was born.
  • Oh, my watch is wrong! Yesterday, I mean yesterday.
  • When it comes to Doctor Who, surely time is immaterial?
  • I'm slow on this one, just joined, but my god, I suddenly feel like I've found my home. When I was eight I saw my first DW and it caught me completely off guard. It was a strange, mesmerizing artifact from another culture, an odd show that seemed to hold plot, acting and humor in higher regard than overblown special affects, quite a rarity on the American airways, then as well as now. From the first episode I saw (somewhere in the middle of Tom Baker's run), I was hooked. And my saturday nights were booked for the next several years, until Colin Baker and JNT marked a shift in those qualities I found most appealing. My attention wandered, and soon American PBS stations dropped the show. I've recently picked up a few of the newly released DVD's and have had a chance to reevaluate my pre-adolescent fascination. True, the sets famously wobble, verisimillitude, and certainly 'hard science', often fly out the window, and most of the aliens seem to be made out of bubble wrap and duct tape, but episodes have considerable charm and it's with baited breath (and some T.V. movie inspired reservations) that I await the new series.
  • Wow... the last post in this thread was nickdanger! Until this one!
  • Not so fast!
  • Ahem.
  • Ha Ha!
  • Woo!! Ah, the pre-Nine days of yore. Happy 42nd birthday, Doctor.
  • [Stephen Fry, holding a piece of bubble wrap on whose line is it anyways] "I don't care what the BBC budget it, I can't make 17 monsters out of this!"
  • Hey! Look how cute I was! Ickle Nickle Danger! Ooh, ooh ooh. Look at those little toes! I had a chance back then. I really did. What happened?
  • What happened? You sold yourself out to K.R.E.A.P., that's what happened! But seriously, this is quite the fun traipse through old posts...many of which I missed before. Good ol' Doctor Who. Many fond memories. I really need to get down to downloading the new series, not yet screened here in the U.S. Not that I would condone any illicit activity of course.
  • BearGuy, doctor who is a red herring, I think you need to focus some thought on why the_bone was so closely following nickdanger's posts, almost as if he had inside information....
  • What's so cute about webbed toes anyway?