June 25, 2004

Here's a homemade trailor for Office Space Wars - a homemade trailor setting Office Space in the Star Wars galaxy. It made me laugh hard. (WARNING: 30 mg file .wmv file) [via the double Boing]

You may have to open in a new window or tab to download it.

  • This is annoying-English-teacher nitpicking, but I'm an annoying English teacher, so it's my job.. It's trailer.
  • Uhh.. And all I got was a 3.6 MB preview for Farenheit 911. (Which I'm going to see in three hours.)
  • The original link on BoingBoing gives me the same thing. I'm going to stop posting comments now.
  • The link is about as unpredictable as a well-oiled judge.
  • Wow, almost every link I found was for Farenheit 911. This one seems to be the real McCoy.
  • That is completely and totally weak. Thanks for the real thing shiny :)
  • Where are the Dancing Fools? Where are the 'Federal Pound-me-in.." jokes? I'm a fan of Office Space, not much of SW, so I'd give it, say, 1 thumb up. A weak one.
  • I'm not a fan that could quote lines from either film, but I did see and enjoy SW and OS. I thought that this filmmaker did a pretty good job of integrating storylines and touchstones from each film, and he did it in a clever way. Three out of four pudding cups.
  • A good way to start off one's Monday. Jedis at work reminded me of the 'Office Ninja' article from The Onion but unfortunately that's not on their free site anymore.