June 25, 2004

It's Friday! Time for another Fantasy RPG comic! via ask.metafilter via pvp
  • Let's make this fun; is there anyone here that could host remakes of this comic that us monkeys make?
  • What was the comic remix project?
  • DING! That's correct, boo_radley. You control the board -- make your next selection.
  • I'll take "things this guy has dug in his back yard" for 500, certain.
  • Okay, boo. "This guy appropriately dug THIS thing up just last week."
  • Who is "Kate Moss"?
  • "Oh, I'm sorry. We were looking for 'a bone.' A bone."
  • It's probably good that I walked in here late. I would have said "a kitten" and that's just no good, is it?
  • Not to re-rail, but I know of one guy who really doesn't like this strip. Nuts, he had a really long rant about this guy on his page just yesterday. Nevermind... Back to you irregular scheduled programming
  • schandenfreude : you are correct, and you have control of the board now. basically, Kurtz == Pompous Ass.
  • Um...PvP is about gamers, and Spells and Whistles is satire on basic fantasy, whether gaming or books. As a non-gaming Sf&F fan, I can relate much more to the latter. That said, I had never seen this comic before, but it seems funny. I will be looking through its archives.
  • I can't believe I read the whole thing! Nice one, boo.
  • Amusing, but derivative. My favorite is still Elf Only Inn, which seems to be non-functional now.