December 14, 2003

Not so much The Onion, as Onion Bhaji -- Asian Underground, a website covering not so important Asian issues from ghettostan. [via Metafilter]

Very funny, even without the help of my friend from Delhi (who insisted on explaining every single Indian joke in Bend it like Beckham to me). It was a bit buried in the original Metafilter post, and I thought it deserved its own. And yes, "the deeply desirable aroma of Indian food can cause problems during assignments", but this is easily solved by giving into your temptation. Mmm, vindaloo...

  • That should be Onion bhajia. Bhaji is a vegetable preparation, as in Pav Bhaji ...I forgive you.
  • I'm sorry - I cut and past the spelling straight from the story. What is Pav Bhaji like? You should make an FPP of that All recipes site, it's so interesting, and useful.
  • And that would be, "cut and pasted," of course - too busy watching my spelling on Pav Bhaji :)
  • *wipes a bit of dust off post. tastes some vindaloo. moves on.*