June 22, 2004

_Talk of the Nation_ discussed blogging on today's show. Blogs. My favorite medium. Their authors, readership, the entire phenomenon... and our fanaticism and obsession that drives us to keep posting and come back for more each day.
  • So.... what are these 'blogs' you speak of? Is it something I'd need a computer to understand?
  • Since I'm on dial-up, which tends to give me 3 words at a time, could you maybe give me a little more info on why this is interesting?
  • yo, path. it's interesting because assholes like you and me who waste time reading (and posting!) to this shit tend to like being talked about. it's interesting because it's being talked about. listen to the plug... unless you're just being a jackass and pissing on the post.
  • Path doesn't piss on posts and she certainly isn't a jackass. I think she's trying to say that her connection speed is too slow for the audio file, so she can't listen to it. She expressed an interest in getting more information about what was discussed on the program. At least that's the way I read it.
  • I'd like to know if there was a text version too, since I don't have speakers on this computer. And anyhow I've got Tarkan on, and nobody's going to take that out of my highly erogenetic ears. *gives steelcube massage*
  • Path is cool and never pisses on anything much. Don't take her the wrong way, she's a lovely person.
  • Yikes, hostility!
  • steelcube, we're not The Big Blue here. If we ask a question, we're not being fucking sarcastic, we're just asking a question. If you can't tell a genuine question from piss in your ears, I really do suggest you take several deep breaths between reading comments and answering. Disclaimer:The previous comment was an example of a Meta-answer. May not reflect writer's actual state of mind. I would also appreciate a text version, since it's late at night here and I don't want to wake my folks up. And my speakers don't have a socket for headphones (pre-empting possible obvious question).
  • so we're back to piss 'n urine posts again? As for NPR, when I can listen to it, I enjoy it. Being mostly deaf now, the radio has to be on really loud (pissing the co-workers to no end). The fact that NPR charges for transcripts is like urinatin' in me Wheaties. Being publicly owned, and all.
  • Steelcube - sorry if my awkward wording got your back up, but, yes, a little more exposition would have been nice. And, thanks, you guys, for the defence. I wasn't sure anyone had noticed how lovely I am. ;-)
  • I'll listen to it when I get a chance and attempt to summarise it for those who can't listen to it.
  • tracicle - hate to put you to that trouble. Generally, in this sort of circumstance, I can tell a lot about the post from the discussion that ensues. In this case, I took the discussion in the wrong direction. Ok, everyone, get discussing!
  • sorry, kidlets. didn't mean to go off unnecessarily. it jsut sounded to me like a mean comment... "why this is important?" jackass and asshole are terms of endearment in my circle. just used out of context here, for sure. again, sorry. i buried two things i loved this week. shoulda been more diplomatic. i'll respectfully bow out of posting again.
  • Don't bow out of posting. We want to hear more from everyone. :) Condolences on your recent losses.
  • Concurred; it was a gook link.
  • Shit... "good" link. Good link. Oh, my god. Tracy, can you delete that?
  • I always knew the_bone was a racist. And surly eats puppies. I'll find you both, you bastards.
  • Steelcube: My thoughts are with you. What was your take on the post? (I'm on dial-up, too.) arrgh! Yes, path, you're lovely! Have a 'naner. so we're back to piss 'n urine posts again? Hey, it's either piss on the post, piss someone off, piss up a rope--there's always somebody pissing around somewhere. Urine optimist if you think it doesn't happen. But it's nice to make sure we clean up the floor of the cage on a daily basis.