December 14, 2003

Dept. of WTF? All the latest Breaking Headlines from Saudi Arabia. Or maybe not.
  • Ah, all the "breaking head(s) lines". /sorry, couldn't resist.
  • "Sorry, no news." Comforting words, yes, but THIS IS THE OFFICIAL NEWS OUTLET OF THE GOVERNMENT, not the Holiday Inn Daily Agenda for the Horizons Room. Doesn't every country have a night porter, so to speak, or is that just for go-go Westerners like me?
  • Maybe we should inform on them on the mutaween's website.
  • OK (but you first, man)
  • Hom-ey; Cogent, concise, and chilling post. My favorite quote is the closer, from an academic in Riyadh: " You can't change 70 years of history overnight." Yes. Yes you can. But there'll be the Devil himself to pay.
  • Cute! But you know there are other websites if you're looking for information instead of trying to make fun?...don't ya?
  • Stirfry-- No harm intended, but it IS odd to me how any news outlet--especially one as important as the S. P. A. must be--can afford to be quiet these days. But thank you for the note, because it allows me to mention an excellent resource for world news with a decidely local take: "", a tonic sometimes for our distinctive ethnocentric reportage...
  • No harm taken! We forget that often whats behind a website isn't humans but some idiot programme that spews out stuff based on who knows what. I'm not saying that its not funny that a news site would have a front page that says "sorry, no news" but consider where this is coming from.
  • Yes. I could also mention that it is 8:12 AM in Riyadh as I post this, and there usually (not always--- wasn't there a Ben Affleck movie about some kind of---attack--in --I dunno, some beach town ) is very little happening anywhere around early Sunday mornings. (but that would REALLY kill the funny.)
  • A very time sensitive post as I've got ten stories to go through. Admittedly about half of them are repeats. "Car bomb at police station causes 20 casualties, witnesses say." Interesting semantic thing, I imgagine it'd be deaths over here. I guess it's a question of whether you think of the fatalities (mortal kombat, how I miss you) as a wartime thing or not. Neat post Dizzy
  • Um, referring to the top link. Damn.
  • King Fahd reportedly dead (many sources), though it hasn't made it to the top of Google news yet. Poor Bush -- now he'll have to cut his vacation short in order to attend a funeral. Much strategic hand-holding predicted.
  • You're back!
  • Neat post Dizzy Ah, small remnants of the past. Unfortunately, a good chunk of these links produce WTF 404s, which may be just as well, at least, if you were reading them while eating. Could be messy. I'm just sayin'