June 21, 2004

Spider-Nan? Pavitr Prabhakar has a secret identitity, he is a licensee of a Marvel Comics property and India's first web-slinging superhero. He gets around by swinging from Mumbai's various monuments (such as the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Hotel), bouncing off the roofs of auto-rickshaws and fighting his arch-nemesis, the Green Rakshasa. One only hopes that Mumbai's skyline is high enough for this transcreation to get off the ground.
  • If nothing else, the redesign/new look for spidey himself is stunning. One of those high res pics (image 4) is now my wallpaper.
  • So, Spiderman with a makeover. Ready for more exotic adventures. Thanks, John Hardy.
  • the redesign/new look for spidey himself is stunning Agreed.
  • Bah. He's no match for the Monkey Man!
  • They raped my childhood!!
  • Coming up, Spidey's daring battle against Dr. Oct... ah, Kali, to foil her nefarious Kama Sutra death cult! Is this a joke? What's that thing hanging between his legs? I expect a thousand angry monkeys to attack whoever dreamed up this...
  • All well and good, but where's a Viking Spider-man to honor my Nordic roots? (-; Actually, I would like to see the "Spider-men (and women) of the World"--sort of a bizarre cross between a Marvel franchise gone amuck and DC's Green Latern Corps.
  • Well-drawn, but those pants and shoes don't really go well with the spandex top. Maybe it's me, but it doesn't seem to work. Would have been better to either keep the costume as it was or do a more thorough redesign. Something more flowy, something that breathes. Yeah, Spidey in linen. I loves my linen.
  • I like everything but the shoes. And I would like to see more of the Green Goblin reduex. I'll have to get on the horn to my friendly nerighborhood comics store and see if they can get it.
  • They raped my childhood!! You're not used to it by now? Just wait.
  • Kali Ma will RULE da world.
  • where's a Viking Spider-man to honor my Nordic roots? But we already have the mighty Thor, super-powered sponsor of many fine hair-care products.
  • goetter: sweet Thor link. That would make a good movie...NO! WAIT! I didn't say that! Do you think they heard me? i'm sorry...*sob*....leave him alone
  • I sent this link to a friend, who immediately quipped "It's the Untouchable Spider-Man!"
  • Now Pakistan needs a superhero.
  • Now Pakistan needs a superhero. Bravo!
  • goetter, that's an incredibly rich link, which I'm still not done reading. Yow.