June 20, 2004

Monkeyworld provides homes for 'abused spanish beach chimps on drugs" who endure horrible lives: "Some photographers will try and control their chimps by beating them and pulling their teeth out " If I hadnt read in detail I would have cracked a smile becuase I'm evil like that.
  • Poor little guys. What we humans will do for our own amusement frequently turns my stomach.
  • I've been to Monkeyworld, it's very well arranged. Despite it being in England it's impressive how much space they have been able to provide for the monkeys. You get the feeling that the monkeys come first in any decision making, rather than what suits the public: it has a much friendlier feel compared to the average zoo.
  • I hope Monkeyworld gets annexed by Dog Island.
  • Uh. I don't get it. Are you saying Monkeyworld is a hoax? Or did you not know about Dog Island?
  • I'm saying I hope it gets annexed and that's all.