June 18, 2004

THIS is what you call a leaked story. What's next? Is there a mole involved?
  • I've never heard of Depends. Or Larry King.
  • larry king has a mole? on a naughty part?
  • they make Depends for moles?
  • Larry King IS a mole.
  • Go ahead, make fun of some poor old codger with flaky sphincter control... On the other hand, I just pictured him with the diapers and suspenders and couldn't help but let out a chuckle. Ah, this will come to slap me back, karma-wise, I'm sure...
  • Larry King IS a mole. I would go so far as to say that he is King of the Underground Mole People and I just couldn't resist: codger codger codger codger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM
  • This should have come out on piss day.
  • Flagpole...I hope your Karma is eased by the amount I laughed at the picture in my mind your comment created.
  • Thank you to both Flagpole and InfraMonkey for the chuckles. And Milkwood of course, for providing the raw material.