June 18, 2004

[ ..... ] There... are... no... words Wow. Wowie wow wow wow.

Via Fazed.net

  • Well, at least it wasn't Richard Simmons. Still, I feel sorry for The Prodigy.
  • Pretty boring cover, really. Video is faintly amusing, although I wonder how many gangstas will feel deeply embarrased when they realise how natural their schtick looks on the Kiss-meister. *goes back to Hellbilly Deluxe*
  • He totally ruined it!
  • Anybody got a link to the original Prodigy video? /curious
  • What. The. Fuck.
  • Also, hellamouth. Yes, I am one to talk.
  • PF:
  • Isn't it amazing how this old fat rich fart with stupid jewelry and clothes has semi naked women crawling and slithering around him, flicking their tongues like lizards in some pretense of eroticism, yet he manages to take a scary and slightly disturbing song (in it's original production) and totally emasculate it, making it devoid of any threat or sexuality, so that I could probably show it to my grandmother and she would say "I like that song". In fact KISS have always been crap, and Gene Simmons has always been a posing douchebag, so I suppose I should not be surprised. Meanwhile, The Prodigy are laughing and cashing their cheques.
  • Damnation. If this was my own pooter, I'd put quicktime on it doublequick, and have me a looksee.
  • The horror, the horror. I now have to play Fat of the Land turned up to 11 for the next couple of hours to clear my mind of the evil I've seen.
  • Where's the fire?
  • I saw an ad on the teevee for this album and had I ordered within the next 10 minutes I would have gotten an official a**hole card officially certifying me as a member of the a**hole club oh the shame of not ordering ;(
  • In fact KISS have always been crap, and Gene Simmons has always been a posing douchebag

    Couldn't have said it better myself. When I was 7 or 8 (the perfect target market for KISS in the late 70s) I wasn't allowed to listen to their "satanic" music. When I finally got to hear KISS as a teenager I was in awe that everybody had been sooooo into this mediocre crap.
  • Something is going wrong here, and it's not Gene Simmons. If I have repeated comments on other pages, sorry. But I'm getting a "no see my own comments" thing happening. I think.
  • You are not alone, Wolof, for I read one of your comments right before one I made one -- now both are vanished, along with, I think, at least two others. monkeyfilter is being EATEN!
  • /points at beeswacky I blame him.
  • *hastily buzzes off*
  • I can admire Gene Simmons for one thing: he has made a long and successful career out of being all flash and no substance, ie., a consummate entertainer. Unlike Madonna, who tries to wear depth like a suit, he doesn't pretend to be anything else. He's just living it up and enjoying the hell out of it. Good on him, I say. As for the song, only mildly entertaining, but good eye-candy. The look suits him more than a lot of people I see in other videos. He can actually pull it off.
  • Also, he was always over-keen on using the phrase "love-pump". That's a plus point, surely?
  • He does bring very precise pronounciation to the piece though. Doesn't that count for anything?
  • Not really, no.
  • drivingmenuts, you hit it on the head. As a KISS fan, I have to offer a little explination. They are not about the music. The music, while fun, is empty and simple. KISS is all about the stage show. Anyone who has seen them in concert knows that they put on an awesome show. I was gonna write more, but we have to go to lunch now. And yes, that video did suck.
  • Jesus, Gene's really let himself go.