June 17, 2004

Show and Tell Music
  • Actually, since I posted this I'm having a severe collapse in confidence in it - I'm certain its been posted before, now. But I've searched and searched and couldn't find it. So, sorry if this is a double.
  • Got a similar feeling too - but I can't find it anywhere either. Surely it would have cropped up here, if anywhere? Or perhaps it was just posted in a comment somewhere obscure... maybe with a different url and a comment (like "Or what about this?") that doesn't help. Or perhaps I just saw it on the place more blue, or BoingBoing, somewhere like that. Or in an email - there was a spate of "bad album cover" emails that went around the world a few months back. Or possibly in a dream, the blurred half-sleep of morning, when night's fantasias seep and flow into the chill clear day like blood into a syringe. Hey ho. It's still great.
  • Yeah, maybe your right, flashboy. I hope so - I don't want to end up on the roll of shame. My favourites, anyway: The Braillettes. Buddy Max.