June 17, 2004

Ok, this is old as hell and you all have probably already seen it. But I just stumbled across it, and my searches on both Mofi and Mefi turned up nothing. So here it is. And I want one real bad.
  • With this, I will rule the world! Note: old or not, I had not seen it before.
  • With this, I will rule the world! I got the version that not only brings the beer but also rolls scoobs. Plans for world domination have been replaced by the desire to have a little nap.
  • This is all you need.
  • New to me, and boy am I happy. I tried getting my own beer-fetcher, hereinafter referred to as "Wife," but she only seems to be programmed with one function: whenever I try to issue a command, her face assumes a soul-shriveling expression and she threatens to hurl things at me. Bugzilla had no listing for this.
  • I'd like one I can train to make a good bourbon-n-coke...or perhaps a manhattan. yum.
  • I'd like one of those, sounds like you can teach it to do lots of things but as I understand it, it will only run with *nix because....(say it with me)...It doesn't do Windows. (rimshot)
  • Dear God. That was orfal. Somebody take PatB out to be deprogrammed! Huh? Huh?
  • My apologies, Oh Tool, and to every monky who read that post. *hangs head in shame, heads off to eat worms or defenestrate self*
  • Ah, PatB, but you are forgiven for the excellent use of "defenestrate." Banana for that! )
  • From the Hacker's Dictionary: defenestration /n./ [from the traditional Czechoslovakian method of assassinating prime ministers, via SF fandom] 1. Proper karmic retribution for an incorrigible punster. "Oh, ghod, that was awful!" "Quick! Defenestrate him!" 2. The act of exiting a window system in order to get better response time from a full-screen program. This comes from the dictionary meaning of `defenestrate', which is to throw something out a window. 3. The act of discarding something under the assumption that it will improve matters. "I don't have any disk space left." "Well, why don't you defenestrate that 100 megs worth of old core dumps?" 4. Under a GUI, the act of dragging something out of a window (onto the screen). "Next, defenestrate the MugWump icon." 5. [proposed] The requirement to support a command-line interface. "It has to run on a VT100." "Curses! I've been defenestrated!"
  • Can I refenestrate myself?
  • Only if you can fly, I think, wendell. Or perhaps you were thinking of double-glazing. In which case, there's a couple of salesmen I can recommend.... *gets kneed by conscience and dragged backstage*