June 17, 2004

Mondegreens! AKA Music Ear Disturbances, disclexia, chronic lyricosis, and Litellas.

Just posting this for people who've never heard of the term "mondegreen"...like me.

  • Ooooh, goody, these are fun. Thanks Capn'Roboto
  • 'scuse me, while i kiss this guy.
  • Delightful and amusing links! Thanks, Cap'n!
  • "I'm gonna hit the highway like a battering ram, or like a Cilla Black fan on a bike" -- Meatloaf, "Bat out of Hell"
  • There is, of course, that famous hymn, "Glad Lee, the Cross-Eyed Bear".
  • On the other hand, you have artists like Lisa Gerrard (lead singer for Dead Can Dance) who doesn't sing actual words. Well, I didn't know that ... so I kept hearing all this wierd stuff and trying to figure out what what she was saying.
  • I led the pigeons to the Flag of the Entitled States of I'm Erica, and toothy Republic, for Richard Stanz...
  • not a song, but once in real life attended a party that included thirty foreign dignitaries or was it thirty-four indignitaries
  • According to Madonna, last night she "dreamt of some bagels (La Isla Bonita) While Elton John reaches " into your room, whoa, to feel your genitals" (Sad songs say so much) The Eurythmics think "sweet dreams are made of cheese" (Sweet Dreams) Elton again! I know he's gay and all but "Don't let your son go down on me"? (Dont let the sun go down on me) Julie Andrews loves monkeys...!! "Brown apes on mattresses tied up with string... these are a few of my favorite things." (Sound of music - these are a few of my favorite things) And when those blasted ectomorphic organisms get unruly "who you gonna call?" Why, "Those bastards!!" of course!
  • "There's a bathroom on the right" CCR - "Bad Moon Rising"
  • Blaise, that's hilarious. I cant stop laughing!
  • NSFW tag would have been nice there. Thank God no one was looking.
  • Blaise, I've been giggling about that link all day. The looks some people have given me..."What are you laughing at??" "Panda jizz!"
  • "And that someone that you know, will melt away" Mariah Carey, Hero
  • A Monkey thread about misheard lyrics. My misheard lyric is about apes. It's a Sign. *finally signs up* "I believe in the King of Kong" (U2, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," actually "I believe in the Kingdom Come") I had to be at least 10, so I knew that wasn't right, but that's what I heard, dernit.
  • Hi Wurwilf!
  • Hi!
  • Com'on down and have a 'naner, Wurwilf. Meet the gang: Over there's PF (watch him, he's wacked.)The Kid you met. Alnedra over there has a great sense of humor and a hundred pound hammer. Bees is the sensitive poet-looking guy in the corner (I've got a kinda crush on him *blush) Diz is our resident movie star. BBF's a mere babe in arms--well, some of the younger gals WISH. There's Rocket, Ramix, SThing, Q, Nuts, MCTool, shoot, we got a bunch. One of the ones you might have something in common with is Wolof--double-yous, ells, and effs, at least. Just watch out for that Nostril guy--he'll try to shake hands with a trick buzzer. Man, I haven't named hardly any of them yet. We got a great bunch here--bananas AND Monkeys .
  • Yeah, I just about headdesked when I remembered someone already had a name similar to this. No confusion or copying intended, honest. Thanks. :) I've been lurking since this place started, so hopefully I won't step on too many tails.
  • *wacks self*
  • Welcome Wurwilf!. Now before you get started, there's a little paperwork we have to take care of first...just standard stuff, you understand...you'll need to check in here, here, here, here, here, and possibly here.
  • Wurwilf, you'll receive your way-cool Monkey gang colors by snail mail sometime next week. Currently we're scheduling a rumble with those guys over at MeFi, then a light lunch and a nap.
  • When do we schedule the initiation ceremony, with the tattooing and the spanking and all that?
  • When do we schedule the initiation ceremony, with the tattooing and the spanking and all that?
  • I still hear the chorus of Police's "Driven To Tears" as somebody singing about a lemon saucier (with a seriously strange accent: more like Sioux See, Eh?).