June 17, 2004

Jesus In My Jeans Genes
"I Am Christ and The Messiah and The Great I Am. I Am The One. I Am Jesus Christ. I Am The Son of David and the Son of Man and Root of David. I Am The Judge. I Am the Source of David. I Am Jesus Christ in the Genes."
You are batshit crazy.
  • Apeshit crazy!
  • Camel shit crazy! Are we going to go from piss posts to poopy posts today?
  • 404 Error -- File Not Found The page you are looking for (http://wypleader.freeservers.com/images/christ1/index.html) is not here. Fuck, man. You'd think the Messiah could afford decent web hosting. What do churches take up collections for, if not to ensure that their boy has a decent Internet presence? I'd also like to add that I find the phrase "Root of David" kind of dirty.
  • my mom's a realtor. once years ago this guy came and wanted to buy a house. so they sat down to fill out paperwork and mom asked what his occupation was. "I AM JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY," he replied. so my mom stops and explains that the question was part of determining his income. what was his income? "MY ASSETS ARE ALL THE HEAVENS AND EARTH," he said. heh.
  • dude is twisted....creepy
  • Me love Ted Jesus Christ God. But he is educated stupid, you gotta know. For the uninitiated, more creepy religiousy goodness (and other interweb crackpots) at Insolitology.
  • Where did he get those pictures taken? Glamour Shots?
  • TJCG needs VAST FINANCIAL RESOURCES and VAST HUMAN RESOURCES and VAST AMOUNTS OF CONTROL and MANY FOLLOWING AND OBEYING AND RECOGNIZING HIM THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS and to get this and their attention and their obedience HE is ordering The Earth Angels of Light to cause many to have Transportation and Truck and Car Accidents and get Tickets and get their insurance raised or cancelled and escalating until at least FAITHFULLY paying ALL of their Tithes and Offerings and Gifts to TJCG or a Religious Organization of TJCG Now that's a tricky way to get funds.
  • I'll tell you what TJCG needs.
  • This is huge. Each night, TJCG must come home from the fortune cookie factory, open a can of Dinty Moore beef stew, then settle down to a full evening of typing. I wish I were so productive. I am particularly charmed by the bounty on the Devil's head. You get 777 trillion dollars (adjusted annually for inflation), 100 supermodel concubines, a special knighthood, a HUGE ESTATE that is enormous and ALL LEASES PAID for 10K years (I had to include that one verbatim), and various supernatural gifts. And yet, there's so much more.
  • I look more like Jesus than this guy. I want my inheritance. We should set up a grudge match, Jesus vs Jesus. Two sons of god enter, one son of god leaves. The other one.. uh..
  • Lower the Jesusdome!
  • I wonder what this bloke has to say about all this? Is it time for a three-way Jesus fight-off? My money's on Nostrildamus.
  • How does a person look and act when controlled by Satan or Devil and or the Worst Demons The LOOK is similar to what you saw and see on the Late Show with Konan O'Brien and also on Saturday Night Live and also sometimes on the Tonight Show and also the tongue using and practically wagging DarkSide Human on the David Letterman Show and are pale and have a chalky or almost gray and pale skin and red around the eye ball Sorry, Ted, I don't understand. Thisis to be read contiguously similar to a book. If not read contiguously and similar to a book then this does not make sense and is not coherent and this has to be read from start to finish similar to a book that builds with each chapter and section and part and paragraph and sentence and. Ok, thanks!