June 17, 2004

On June 17th, every year, the family goes through a private ritual: we photograph ourselves to stop a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by.
  • WOW! So.... Human! I followed Mom and Dad through some tough years there, but both seemed to have made it out the other side and found a little peace. Fantastic find, RXR!
  • Remember this from a while ago, but it was nice to revisit it. Thanks RXR.
  • That first picture of Nicol
  • That is really neat. Thier kids, and even more thier grandkids, will probably groove real hard on it.
  • (their)
  • Very interesting...I remember it from a few years ago, but am even more intrigued by it now. One question: why the hell don't they smile in any of the pictures???
  • I guess it's so as not to distort their features.
  • why the hell don't they smile in any of the pictures??? I think they were going for a documentary look, not the standard portrait.
  • [Good stuff] Thanks RXR. I recall several others like this, but none with an entire family. I.e., there's this guy that takes a photo of himself everyday. Hey, here's another (try to watch this one's pics without starting to make faces). Pictures, snapshots seem inconsequential, sometimes even a corny thing; but years down the road, they can become our most prized possesions, for they are truly irreplaceable and are slices of life, frozen moments that can spark whole narratives spanning entire lives.
  • Holy Crap, the middle kid turns into Jerry Seinfeld!
  • Nice, thanks!
  • Oh good - so I'm not the only one who changes my hairstyle every year. Also, what Flagpole said.