June 16, 2004

Restroom Ratings: "A special spot on the web for public bathroom reviews." All this, and postcards too!
  • I like. When I was an undergrad, I self-published a little pamphlet called "Sweetest Loos at USC" and stuck about a hundred of them in "The Daily Trojan", our school paper. Years later, a friend of mine said it was a great gift to gay culture, as he and his friends were using them as meeting places for sex, something my naive little corn-fed brain had never thought of--- I just wanted a clean, well-lit place to study after hours... Yes-- TO STUDY. Weird kid was I.
  • Say Diz, why were there no clean, well-lit places other than restroom facilities at USC...or is the key phrase 'after hours?'
  • I used to sneak into closed classroom buildings after hours and occupy empty classrooms to study for exams. My place was just too comfortable for late-night studying, and those damn molded plastic chairs were just uncomfortable enough to keep me going. If I needed a quick nap, I could stretch out on a table for half an hour. Sometimes I'd lecture from my notes to the empty room to help me stay focused long after I should have been in bed. It was fun, studying out loud at a podium in a 300-seat lecture hall. Studying in a bathroom, though -- that's fucked up.
  • Bear-- USC was and is and always will be a PartySkool. Seems the library was always closed early, either for a movie shoot or a fundraiser, and my dorm was just a Place To Get High and Sleep. For some odd reason the restrooms were always unlocked and well-lit and warm. We're talking BIG OLD FASHIONED Men's Lounges with Mission-style couches and stained glass in the older buildings. Nice... mctool: I agree. But if I walked over to the local all-night coffeeshop I'd have to buy something. I lived off Ramen and apples and fried calves' liver my freshman year. Pathetic.
  • Rah for Dizzy! Obviously a Monkey with drive and focus thoroughout his schooling. (Dunno about bladder control, though.)
  • If George Costanza really existed, he would be delighted to come across this website.
  • To this day I can't recall the intricacies of the House of Atreus or the finer points of Skinnerism without needing to void. Gotta go.
  • Well, I suppose it would be worse if you recalled the intricacies of the House of Atreus and started thinking "barbeque!"
  • Wow, Diz, if the bathrooms were that nice, I might have set up residence there.