June 16, 2004

Calling All Bed Wetters! Helpful Hints, Resources and Support Group Info From The Man You Love To Hate.

(can tomorrow be "Fun With Canned Corn" day?)

  • Based on his love letters, I doubt James Joyce would have a reluctance to spoon. Sleeping in a bed of piss is all about psychology.
  • Nos-- Tonight YOU gotta sleep on the wet spot!
  • I've been trying to work out which wee-wee thread to post this in, here seems like as good a place as any... Golden Streams is the most beautiful song ever written about, er, urinating on your lover. Gorgeous. Seriously. Listen to it now. /piss ballads
  • Circle Jerks, Golden Shower of Hits /derail
  • "It's a serious problem!" - Abe Simpson But seriously, it is. I had serious nighttime bladder control problems as a child, and was a thoroughly embarassed bedwetter right up till the age of 12. A book from my mom helped, though, involving, believe it or not, bladder stretching exercises, and conditioning one's mind to be aware of the feeling of a full bladder in the middle of the night so one could get up and go to the bathroom becfore the disgraceful deed occurred. And yes, bladder stretching involved keeping it in for as long as you could.
  • bladder stretching? ouchie.