June 16, 2004

Urine Therapy From toughening up the skin to curing cancer, the medical community is gushing over this ancient, yet disturbing act also known as urotherapy. So next time you flush, think about how you are flushing that tasty panacea down the drain.
  • Psssssssssssssshhhhh!!! Nice one, shawnj. Actress Sarah Miles was a practitioner, so was Ghandi, I believe.
  • I used to rent a room in a house owned by an aromatherapist and masseur ... I'd just about got used to her breakfasting on a spliff when she started telling me about the health benefits of drinking your own urine ... although she was enthusiastic for me to experiment by drinking my urine she seemed strangely reluctant to drink her own ...
  • Maybe she wanted some of yours?
  • They say J.D. Salinger drinks his, too.
  • I just checked my moisturiser and, whaddaya know? It's piss-based. (Well, OK, urea-based.) In answer to your question - hell, yeah, I'm going to keep using it! *strokes silky smooth, firm yet supple face*
  • I can only imagine what practitioners use between doses as a palate-cleanser.