June 16, 2004


Computer Science/Music student compiles massive database of pitchfork reviews, analyzes them to learn what P-fork writers like, creates 2 songs that fail to thoroughly impress. Still, the process is interesting, and the Pitchfilter is a pretty nifty tool to skim fork reviews. They don't Lyrics, Magazines, Screaming, and Dudes. But they are fans of Guitars, Singles, and Beats.

  • Well, Monkeys mine, looks like Captain Psyko is trying to get our minds outta the toilet. Nice try, Captain P.
  • (did I mention the site is often referred to as Pee-Fork?)
  • PEEFILTER HA HA. At least we've stopped talking about MONKEYS for once. Ah, but it won't last. I read Pitchfork regularly enough, but those guys truly are hack journalists. Tools, if I may. They are the kids that love a band until somebody else loves it, then they decide said band has sold out, and they move on to the next bit of obscurity. The only mainstream band they seem to enjoy is Radiohead, and just read some of those reviews, where they compare stillbirths in outerspace to the glories of Yorke's music. Seriously. The perfect Pitchfork song would probably be a sustained scream over a bed slow uneven beats. Frankly, they must write that shit after doing lines of something, let me tell you.
  • I think it is kind of fitting that in a time when 'edgy' musicians are introducing fried over stooges, television, et al to the kids the journalists are trying to pass off a cheap imitation of lester bangs and Richard Meltzer (circa Aesthetics of Rock).
  • Lester Bangs wrote a fatastic article entitled How To Be A Rock Critic. I've often wondered if some of the current crop of music critics took it a little too seriously.
  • er... make that fantastic. I've also often wondered what that preview button was for.
  • Strangely, I read it as Fatalistic, which also works quite nicely in context.
  • Yeah, Bangs was fatatstic, fantasitc and fatalistic. All things to everyone.
  • I <3 Lester Bangs.