June 16, 2004

Monkey Pee, Monkey Poo If wanna know the truth, I just gotta go with the flow here .... You know what they say: Monkey pee, Monkey doo.

Smells like monkey piss around here. You could pay $3000.00 for a squirrelly monkey that "will pee in places you really don't want that to happen." Or, for a mere $165.00! you can get a pair of monkeys sitting on the toilet to hang in your ears--complete with "monkey poop and a little transparent yellow at the bottom of the clear center in the toilet."

  • Well, I'm voting that June 16th be forever immortalized as P-Day.
  • Psssssshhhhhhhhhhh....
  • Forks, perhaps we should try to pursuade his Most August Orfalness, the Official Court Poet of the Supreme Highest Turkmenbashi, our Dearest Beeswacky, to commemorate this day in rhyme. Waddya think, Bees, care to take a shot at it? I've always wanted to post something that would take the piss out of Nostril. (Tee Hee!)
  • I reall dare not tell to you The Orfle things that monkeys do, But doubtless next sixteen of June We'll all relate wot we been Doin'!
  • O I am undone! "really"
  • Today is That Day, you know: At Stephen's suggestion, at Bloom's instigation both, first Stephen, then Bloom, in penumbra urinated, their sides contiguous, their organs of micturition reciprocally rendered invisible by manual circumposition, their gazes, first Bloom's, then Stephen's, elevated to the projected luminous and semiluminous shadow.
  • Little monkeys common as ditchwater. Someone ought to take them and give them a good hiding for themselves to keep them in their places, the both of them. Coo!
  • "Coo!", eh? It's obvious, fellow monkeys, that what we have here is a pigeon spy! I'll bet a group pee on PF will reveal to us his true colors!
  • Eep! I mean, ook!