June 14, 2004

Crispin Glover On David Letterman Need I say more? [wmv file]
  • Old as the hills. Does anyone remember whether it was a spoof or straight up (I can hardly ever tell with Letterman).
  • Never mind
    He furthered the performance's resonance with a Late Night appearance where, in character, he became frustrated with Letterman's lack of interest in his insect collection and tried to kick the host in the face with one of his character's trademark platform shoes.
  • That's better than what most guests do: blah blah blah, aww haven't seen you in a long time, blah blah, here's my movie opening Friday, blah blah -> couch -> next guest -> wash, repeat.
  • I remember watching this when it was on. The appearance has since become part of tv folklore, but at the time it was very surreal and a lot of people didn't know what to make of it. It was a minor sensation on the news the next day, particularly the kicking part. In retrospect, it was great hype.
  • But do you have a video of when Letterman dressed up as a guacomole dip and gave his audience chips? NOw THAT would be cool.
  • That was fantastic. Thanks Sullivan. I watched that when it originally aired but I haven't seen it since. I remember my jaw actually dropped while it was on, and then I told everyone I knew about it for weeks afterword.
  • Remember the time Biff got hypnotized and started wandering around the set, mumbling and wildly gesturing. I'm pretty sure it was real, because Dave did NOT look pleased...
  • I had not seen or even heard of this before. Very good.