June 13, 2004

Monkey Fishing!!
  • The Bright Brothers ain't so bright after all.
  • Lure of the sportin' life.
  • I was afraid that they were literally monkey fishing. Fark keyword: FLORIDA
  • Why is it illegal? Because people might electrocute themselves or because they don't want so many fishes being killed at the same time?
  • I'd guess that it's partly about safety and partly about legal limits on how many fish you're allowed to catch per day. It's the same thing as catfish noodling, which is also illegal (and very dangerous -- many have died trying to noodle large catfish). However, some people are trying to legalize noodling.
  • Danny Kay: It mainly has to do with the fact that it is unsporting and wasteful. Much like fishing with dynamite (a "DuPont Spinner"). Rather than having to coax one fish at a time to bite your tasty bait, you can just drop your electric lure and dozens float to the surface, along with anything else that might be living in there. Stupid and destructive. Like dropping a hand grenade into a herd of deer.
  • monkey fishing
  • MCT: Do you have any backup for the statement that many have died...? That seems a bit...farfetched.
  • Missouri decides to end hand-fishing experiment. It's not a sport for everyone; noodlers also wind up pulling out snakes, beavers or snapping turtles by accident. Burps #2915 in #2915
  • A friend bought an eighteen foot boat with inboard-outboard. She doesn't have anyone to fish with! So sad. *Gone fishin'*
  • [fish,] snakes, beavers or snapping turtles? Three of these things are getting along here . . . Three of these things are kinda the same . . but one of these things just doesn't belong here! Now it's time to play our game! It's time to play-hay our gaaaaaaaaame!