June 10, 2004

CURIOUS GEORGE: Mozilla Mayhem
Hey, this is pretty minor; but it's driving me nuts... could the Mozilla folk in the house help me with a lil' hassle I'm having?

Just recently, Mozilla COMPLETELY erased my links list, which drove me nuts. Some questions: How would one back up a favorites list? I know I could just cut and paste each URL into a text file, but that's so damn tedious. Are there other options? Why is 'Zilla doing this? This is the second time and tho' I love the program I can't abide losing my copious linktastic collection; that's where I draw my Monkey fun from. Lastly, I'm going bugfuck trying to figure this out so PLEEZ help: Previously I was able to drop bookmark folders onto the overhead horizontal toolbar so that they would become dropdown lists, but since I've reinstalled Mozilla, I can't seem to do this again. All my faves have to be accessed via the main "Bookmarks" file, which is counterintuitive to me. I feel like I'm missing the obvious solution and YES, I did RTFM. Can someone please help? Cheers.

  • Which version of Mozilla?
  • Isn't there a bookmark.htm file that it draws from?
  • You should just be able to export your bookmarks through the manage bookmarks feature.
  • forksy : Bookmark backups has worked wonders for me, although it's for Firefox, not Mozilla, per se.
  • Yeah, bookmarks.html is the source file. But Forkie's problem is a little wacky. Fork - did you install a new version of Mozilla, or create a new profile? Creating a new profile would not delete your bookmarks, but it will reset them to the stantard installed package.
  • Version is 1.7. I DID install an updated version. The bookmarks were erased after Moz' gave me a critical error message upon turning on my computer. For some reason the "export bookmarks" never seems to work for me. Q's: Should I just get firefox? Any ideas on that last question about drag and dropping link folders onto the toolbar? That's the immediate issue.
  • Crap. Can you recover your bookmarks by searching for bookmarks.html? Also, go to View -> Toolbars, and make sure the Bookmarks Toolbar is checked. Once it's showing, press Ctrl + B to load the Bookmark Sidebar. Right-click on a group, select Copy, then right-click on the Bookmarks Toolbar and select Paste. This, of course, only works if you can recover the lost bookmarks. As far as FireFox, I love it. I used to be only Netscape, until the whole 4.7x debacle, at which point I started sampling Opera and IE. I finally settled on IE, surfing with ActiveX and Java disabled (the only SAFE way to go), until I discovered Phoenix (I think they had just launched the .3 release). It's totally worth it. I've never looked back. And the only rease IE anymore is for poorly coded ASP pages (*cough* like at work *cough*)
  • I alos just found this from the Mozilla 1.7 RC3 release notes: Do not share a profile between Netscape and Mozilla nightly builds. Doing this can lead to unpredictable results, some of which may include loss of Search settings and preferences and unchecked growth of the Bookmarks file (large enough to freeze your system). It is best to create a new profile for each or manually copy (and change the name) an existing profile. (Bug 137164)
  • And this too: In Profile Manager, if you rename a profile to a name you previously used, all your preferences may be lost. Workaround: If you rename a profile, use a unique name. (Bug 113203) If problems occur during installation and your Communicator profile was not copied and converted, you can still use your profile. Launch Mozilla from the command line, adding the "-installer" option (that is, type "mozilla.exe -installer" on the command line), or reinstall Mozilla to see the profile manager dialog again.
  • I'm a Mozilla newbie myself, so I'm not much use to you on that front, but bah posted a fantabulous tool here back in March which I love- Furl. It's web-based, so that you can furl a link at work, and then access it at home, and vice-versa, and you can make little notes and comments for yourself, and organize your links easily, etc.
  • I had this happen to me pretty regularly a year or so ago. I ended up (for other reasons) reformatting the hard drive. As a less drastic measure, I would suggest uninstalling mozilla and then manually deleting every trace of mozilla you can find. do a search of your hard drive for mozilla to make sure you find as much of it as you can. Then try to reinstall.
  • Yes. Get firefox.
  • Another vote for Firefox. You can get cool extensions like the BugMeNot one where you right click on a reg. required page and it automatically gets a user name and password for you if there's one in the BugMeNot database. Sweet, no?
  • firefox rox. if you need some of the other mozilla suite functions, such as email, thunderbird also rox. much faster and smaller than moz or ie
  • forks - i've been using mozilla for years and have been playing with the gecko engine since netscape first released a test copy way back in the day. and i haven't the foggiest idea what the hell you're talking about here... you can't see your link list? do you mean that the personal toolbar folder no longer has anything on it except for the default "bookmarks" folder, and not extra things that you put on your personal toolbar? you might have deleted the "personal folder" thingy in your bookmark file. i never use it and generally delete it. once it's gone, probably the only way to fix it is to create a new profile, then back up your bookmark.html. copy the new bookmark file from the new profile into your current profile folder. kill the new profile, then open moz. you now have the default blank bookmark list. edit to remove anything you don't want, then from the bookmark manager import the old file. all folders should just be added, i do this when moving bookmarks from laptop to desktop and it seems to work fine. now move what you want back into the personal toolbar folder or personal folder or whatever it calls it. if that doesn't help, yeah, back up your prefs, do a clean install, then load your prefs in again. i'm guessing you just went to 1.7 RC3? i downloaded this morning, maybe i'll wait before installing... RC2 is working fine for me right now. firefox is great but lots of the extra tweaks in mozilla are hidden, or unavailable. you can run both on the same system, they use different default locatins for user settings and won't conflict if you want to test it out.
  • Mozilla 1.7 RCs have munged my profile a few times as well. Bookmarks were completely gone. My mail in/outbox files were still there, but I didn't even have accounts as far as Moz was concerned. Good times. ;P I should get Firefox.
  • Frogs - the tweaks from Mozilla aren't there. Firefox was designed to be fast and have a small footprint. There are extensions that can add the functionality that the full Mozilla client offers, but they're not installed by default. You have to go get them. Personally, I kind of like that. I like the idea of only installing what I want/need to use. Less bloat, and also less in the way of exploits.
  • jim_t - lots of the mozilla settings are there but there's no simple way to modify them with the firefox GUI. adding the advanced prefs extension will let you play with some of these. i basically was just trying to warn forks that if there's anything specific and geeky that he likes about mozilla (aside from page rendering excellence) firefox may have chosen to remove it to keep code bloat down. i'm a fan of "simple is better" but i've also grown so used to the mozilla basic setup that not having some of those options available makes me unhappy with firefox - things like not being able to set a default action for new tabs or windows, or even not having some of my favorite sidebar tabs available (the metafilter sidebar is often helpful, as is the netscape devedge index of w3c standards...). as a simple, lightweight browser it's great, but i've grown to be dependent on my mozilla swiss army knife.
  • CLF: Dead on: I changed profiles and now I got my "personal" folder back. That was the answer. Thanks! I'll prolly try firefox in awhile. Gotta go hunt down all my links again, cuz they is GONE GONE GONE. sigh.
  • I'd like to add a question here, if I may: Can you set alternate stylesheets for sites as the default in firefox? I was playing around with the different CSS here, but everytime I go to another page on the site, it reverts to the default. Is there a way around this?
  • Anybody? No? Huh?
  • And another question about Firefox, if I may. I'm developing some Flash for my company's site, and Firefox is next to useless with Flash. First, I can't preview- nothing but background color shows up. I have to save the file, and manually open it. Then, when I make changes/corrections, I have to clear out my cache, close Firefox, and then open the file. Lastly, even if I set my Publish settings to not loop the file, Firefox always loops. If that's just a thing that Firefox does, my flash will be useless for Firefox users. HELP!!!!!! mct - it's been discussed (I'll look around for a link for you in a bit), and I think I remember tracicle saying it's a cookie thing. She'd have to make some changes for it to work.
  • Ach, nevermind. I've decided I just don't know flash well enough to try to do anything other than cute intros for now. mct, I looked, and looked, but couldn't find it. I know it's in here somewhere, though. I kinda feel like I'm talking to myself, it's been so long since anyone's posted in here (besides me). The sad part is I could go on all day like this. *walks out of thread with a new sense of self*
  • Yeah, I got the answer for it here. So no, you're not alone. Because I love you.
  • Aww, shucks! *blushes bright red, giggles* I'm off to resume working on my considerably less complicated website. Wheeee!
  • Ach, doon't let it goo t'yer head lassie - he says that to anyone who posts in heah.
  • Does that make this the official "middleclasstool loves you" thread? EVERYBODY COME GET YOUR LOVIN'! that didn't sound quite right...
  • Oh, there's plenty of my good lovin' to go around.... I ♥ pete_best too.
  • So, did you guys know that the Firefox fox is actually a Red Panda? According to the site: "...the Chinese name for a red panda is hunho or firefox, due to their color and similar size to a fox.
  • Since you ask, I didn't know this.
  • Thanks, bees. :o)
  • And another comment, just for fun: Solve that cookie problem
  • Interesting, minda. That may just explain some problems MoFi users were having with being logged out of MoFi too often...
  • i'm having this problem with firefox. somebody hope me.
  • fixed. stay away from the pinball theme
  • Okay, strangeness. Suddenly Mozilla believed itself to be the preview release instead of 1.0, and ate all my bookmarks and toolbar folder. Gah.