June 03, 2004

The International Jewish Conspiracy.
  • [kosher banana] (but don't tell anybody I gave you it, you great meshuggenah, it's a secret)
  • Is it officially tinfoil hat day here at MoFi? Great! I love this stuff. *Goes to dig up some Scientology links*
  • We should do an official MoFi Theme Day. Like... once a month, we should have a day on which everyone is encouraged to post cool and itneresting links round a theme. We could do a Curious George a few days later to choose the next theme. That would rock.
  • aye aye captain!
  • [This is lame]
  • I'd be up for that. *goes looking for tinfoil hat stuff*
  • Doesn't that chap look happy? I think that The International Jewish Conspiracy would be a great name for a rock band. That, or Gay Apocalypse.
  • man, i feel left out - where's my conspiracy! Hey! Maybe we should start one on MoFi? MonkeyFilter: nothing to see here, move along.
  • What if they don't travel? Is there a domestic jewish conspiracy?
  • This is just a front for the International Conspiracy Conspiracy.
  • that smacks of conspiracy niccolo and you know it!
  • Not a bad idea, pete. Call it Simian Revolution. Huh, get it? Guys? Huh?
  • control of world banana prices?
  • *Goes to dig up some Scientology links* You really only need one.
  • Okay - I have a question: what do clams have to do with Scientology? Other than being tasty, especially when fried. Not that Scientology is tasty - though I have heard the Hare Krishna's have a good buffet.
  • clam == money?