November 22, 2003

From trees to buildings In the last few decades, the inventive Swiss architect Marcel Kalberer has perfected a method of "living architecture", using willow rods. (via amberglow)
  • Those are beautiful - I love the bell tower on page 7, and the comparison on page 8 with gothic architecture.
  • Nice to see that the elves have come back to Middle Earth.
  • These structures are beautiful! I thought the carport was especially creative.
  • They look glorious, although I wonder about the problematic possibilities of animals (birds, bees, wasps) nesting in the branches. One of these would make an ideal outdoor theatre.
  • aren't they wonderful? Living in any of those would be like living in a dream : >
  • [these are good]
  • How long do those take to produce?
  • Reminds me of bower birds.
  • Hey, this is kind of fun.
  • Looney(s).
  • Ooooohhhhh. tree buildings. Now I know what my dream house is.
  • Huh. And I thought nobody would even notice my little game.
  • I noticed 'cause the "recently comments" thing was like way long.
  • Yeah, the recently commented bar is growing to ridiculous lengths.
  • It's like, Stonehenge massive. And we're only making it worse.
  • Yes, I think I can safely pass the marathon back to my past and soon future self. All threads have been covered. Good to have the TARDIS working again.
  • monkeyfilter: it's like, stonehenge massive /dork
  • not to be confused with Foamhenge. Hey, I'm enjoying the MoFi redux. Thanks NickD and others... I think I'm gonn kiss the past-Zanshin when I meet him.