May 31, 2004 is on a crusade: they want you to stop watching internet porn. Yeah right. They've begun a project in which they want to encourage young guys (no mention of the gals) to stop beating off. Check out the article. Forty days? I call that Dark Night of the Soul. I guess it's for real. I guess. Nothing on snopes.
  • 'You don't own me, Monkeyfilter! I'm taking my life back!'
  • this was on the daily show a few weeks ago. it is real.
  • I hate the utterly lame way in which they immitate allready lame pop culture.
  • Yeah, it is real. Dunno if it's the same outfit or not, but I read a story last year about some Christian outfit that's snatching up defunct porn URLs (pun intended) and redirecting them to sites about porn/sex addiction and how Jesus will help you break it.
  • The XXXchurch recently wrapped its second commercial, which has been no less controversial. It was shot by veteran porn director James DiGiorgio, whose filmography includes Nutjob Nurses and The Anal Life. Strange bedfellows indeed!
  • ...from my cold, dead hand!
  • Porn 'n Pancakes "The stats don't lie: Christians are consuming pornography. And to me, it's not a surprise." Y'know, to me neither.
  • Over the smell of maple syrup and sausage... *will never look at flapjacks the same*