May 31, 2004

Monkeys = Evil So, we stole a monkey from a research centre, kidnapped him and took him out to a secret monkey concentration camp, where we basically kicked him around and did really mean stuff to him.
  • Nooooooo!!! That's just wrong!
  • Hmmm. You know.. I may be a little suspicious.. but something makes me think that this might not be totally serious.
  • Well, there's nothing written on Snopes about it...
  • As much as I favour the general concept of simian torture, I have to think the perpertrators motives are suspect. To the best of my knowledge, Ocean Colour Scene isn't/wasn't a "manufactured" band. Holding monkeys responsible for their crimes isn't going to be effective if we don't punish them for the correct crimes. Anyone know if OCS is a manufactured band?
  • Now, here's the kind of monkey torture that haunts my nightmares... (SFW, unless your boss hates artsy-fartsy videoclip directors)
  • Whilst OCS may not be manufactured, per se, they are undeniably rubbish. I pity the monkey forced to listen to them.
  • Whoops, wrong tag... that's what the preview button is for, eh?
  • Okay, I could contain myself with the gun and the hot iron, but Dido CDs? I'm a-comin' Gus! Whatever happens, stay alive! I will find you!