May 31, 2004

Build Your Own Batphone!
  • That's such a coincidence, cos I had to have my Buile Duct removed over the weekend.
  • Blame it on the Hacker-Pschorrer, mein freund!
  • Yes, exactly. now check the spelling on the sidebar for this listing, oberlieutnant.
  • There's an old, red "500" rotary phone in one of the old fire station houses. For all of the last week, I've been wondering if I could talk the station chief out of it... maybe swap him some more IT work for the right to replace it. Part of the appeal is definitely the Batphone factor. Part of it is memories of my grandmother's old bakelite 302, which I mourn still. I could just buile a new one, I suppose. But scoring one in the field is more fun.
  • (I'll be in my trailer, pouting and journaling...)
  • I've got an older rotary (as well as a touchtone for all that modern stuff). A telco engineer told me to hang onto it as it was the best unit they'd ever used. Most reliable, best build quality, best sound.
  • All I need is a set of blueprints to build and install my own batpole, and my life will finally be complete.