May 31, 2004

It's a Gas! With Ren & Stimpy - FLASH - It's a Ren & Stimpy game! Our pals are settling down for a restful evening. All of a sudden a deep sound comes from Stimpy's butt. Oh no! It's gas! Use your mouse to fix all the bursting patches & keep the gas trapped under the bedcover! WARNING: Contains Ren & Stimpy. Also contains cartoon bed-sharing activities. Also: loud FART sound effects. If at work, please turn the volume WAY UP.

This is a rather pointless game which amuseth me no end. I forget what else I was going to tell you. Oh yes, I snarfled the link from which is somewhat unsafe for work.

  • What a shame it was the way Nickelodeon stuffed Ren & Stimpy. *crosses fingers for the return of John K in a big way*
  • *hits the sack, hopes to dream of fair to middling women rather than Dutch ovens*
  • What's also a shame is that Dutch this site blatantly stole this game and is putting their own banners next to it. As a game maker I know how that feels. Here's the originating site. That it has Dutch in it's name is only a coincidence but in this context quit funny. Dutch is usually not a good thing. I happen to be Dutch.
  • I'm sorry, mare, I had no idea. It was's fault. From now on, I shall never attribute links from them. I hope this appeases the Dutch, the originating site owners, and you. /bow&scrape (oh and the link to your site on your profile is borked because you cut&paste errored) :)
  • Thanks for the original link, mare. For some reason, playing off of the Dutch site never gave me enough farts to beat the first level. Went to the original site, and was able to get to the third.
  • monkeyfilter: never gave me enough farts
  • @Nostrildamus My home-page link is borked, but I kind of liked it that way. Nevertheless I fixed it, monkeys tend to be lazy. I'm lazy too, I should put some new stuff on my site but sitting outside in the sun and procrastinating is much more fun.
  • Now we need to see a Web version of "Don't Whiz On the Electric Fence".
  • I bet I'm lazier than you, mare. /raises glass Here's to laziness!!!
  • /raises glass of fruit juice because my doctor tells me not to drink Proost!
  • Did anyone else found the portrayal of Yoda in CartoonNetworks' 'CloneWars' just a little too much reminiscent of Ren..?