May 22, 2004

From the makers of the legendary Emogame and it's occasionally distasteful sequels comes a new high (or low). Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, He Man, and an all star cast of others team up to taked down the Bush Administration and their new super-weapon, Voltron in Emogame2.5 The Bush Game. Set aside half an hour for this one kids, and remember to take notes. It's a doozy. (May not be SFW)
  • Oh yeah, it's via the fine fine people at Music For America
  • I got to the stay-puft marshmellow man and then I hit the stupid back button on my mouse. Someone will have to tell me how it ends. But Hulkmania was entertaining. stupid mouse button
  • I only got to the Tom Ridge Beast, and my fatass he-man disappeared (I still had all my lives and everything). Eh. Trying again.
  • Babywannasofa, When you die, you need to click another charachters portrait to select a new one.
  • Like I said, I still had all my lives. Seems to be working fine now. Paris Hilton severely depleted my resources, but I'm still going.
  • Victory! Bananas to the Emo Game guys and to the Captain.
  • May not be safe for work, if you work at a place where other people work too. But wow, was it fun. And cathartic. Destroying the evil final mutant boss made me feel like it can actually happen. And it was all thanks to Jesus!
  • This is how I always imagined elections happened.
  • Paris Hilton severely depleted my resources, but I'm still going. and babywannasofa wins the prize.
  • well done! and even though my john kerrytron got his robo-ass kicked at the end, if you hit "continue" you get everyone you had back, alive, with their vicous attacks at the ready. the howard dean scream of death really cracked me up...