May 21, 2004

knotty Knotplot(n): 1. A collection of knots and links, viewed from a (mostly) mathematical perspective. 2. An elaborate application to visualize and manipulate mathematical knots in three and four dimensions.
  • Wowsa! I like this. Going to have to play around with the program--as soon as I can get untied from this chair.
  • Very interesting stuff, but there's very little actual mathematical explanation of what's going on in the site...
  • Introduction to knot theory.
  • cool links! i once did a story on knot theory and how it applies to tangled christmas lights. really.
  • Proper knots. See under "ties", "traditional knots". I go for a half-Windsor myself.
  • Some knots are nautical, and some knots are naught. Some knots are naughtier than others, some are knotty enough, but all noughts are not. Windsor ties are ties that bind.
  • But a good Windsor knot is not naught! On the right person, one can get me in a knot. And, I do think well done ascot is kinda naughty. It's not that you're not naughty enough, it's just there there naught to keep us from these knots.
  • And, if there were any any mispellings there, Merriam-Webster suddenly wanted to charge for checking spelling. How naughty (noughty, knotty, )
  • And "there's", and only one. OH, well!
  • schadenfreude, Excellent stuff. Looks like I need to expand my knot theory