May 20, 2004

Childless Couple told to Get Fucked A German couple visiting a fertility clinic after eight years of childless marriage discovered why they weren't bearing crotch-fruit - they weren't doing it. Yes, it sounds like an urban legend, & yes it's from Ananova so it probably is, but I couldn't pass up the chance of using that title which I also stole from a commentor on Bifurcated Rivets which is also where I pinched the link. So screw me.. I mean sue me. Your pal, Nostril.

'We are not talking retarded people here' - just religious fundos. Weird, cos I know a few crazy-ass religious fundos and they are doing it all over the place. Go figure. PS - This link was not intended to offend, so if it does, I'm not responsible, I didn't psot it & nobody saw me psot it - thankew.

  • I'll probably get into trouble with Tracicle.. hopefully she'll fly over to Perth and spank my bottom.
  • More common than you might think. Ask a doctor. Watch Cronenberg's M Butterfly. Based on a true story!
  • I am curious to know what they did instead. I don't think this makes me perverted. And jeez, Nostrildamus, if you pay the fare I'll at least come to Perth and buy you a drink. :)
  • This is darling.
  • I had a dream last night where I decided to fly to America on a whim rather than go to my English lesson. I turned round when I realised that I didn't have enough money.
  • heh. Well, it was still worth it. :D
  • No way this could have been true. One's brain may be mired irrevocably in religious claptrap, but one may always rely on the GPS-like accuracy of one's boner to know the proper path.
  • blaise! and i had a dream you were flying to d.c. to visit me but then when you didn't arrive i was puzzled! heh.
  • --one may always rely on the GPS-like accuracy of one's boner to know the proper path. Heh. GPS-like. Heh. But can it find water?
  • It will pass it, but not find it :)
  • There are many verified stories of women giving birth without knowing they are pregnant because they lived sheltered lives and weren't told where babies come from. If this turns out to be true, I wouldn't be surprised at all.
  • the GPS-like accuracy of one's boner to know the proper path Looks like someone's got a crush on someone!
  • "crotch fruit" HA!
  • Golly, I thought this only happened to French couples. Must be the Euro.
  • Can't find a link at the moment (busy), but a fellow working at the French embassy in Beijing called Ren
  • Wow. I'd heard the bit of that story that revolved around him dating her before. The bit about the... er... 'pocket' is a revelation. One that will haunt my dreams for weeks, probably. Brilliant.
  • Was the Chinese singer actually a transexual? I was under the impression (based mostly on the movie, so probably wrong) that it was that since Chinese opera singers were traditionally all men, and this French guy didn't realise that, then the Chinese government used the opprotunity. The orientation and sexual identity of the singer was less clear. I wondered whether an openly transexual person would have been accepted in Chinese society at the time. Though there is a dancer I saw a documentary about who has made the transition from man to woman, Jin Xing. Wisdom just recently learned - Do not google "transexual Chinese dancer". It does not find you links about a famous and respected dancer.