May 20, 2004

Operation: Take One For the Team

Some choice quotes: - A great idea from Shellie A., wife of Lt. A of Ft. Rucker. She is calling on wives of servicemen to have 'Felatio {sic} Friday' at least once a month. Awesome awesome idea. "Berkeley girls are too femi-nazi granola and the Stanford girls are too stuck up intellectual. Not to worry though, we're getting some good indications of interest from Sacramento and Amador Counties (outside of San Francisco) and we'll be able to take care of the men of the Pacific Fleet, don't you worry" "There are plenty of single women serving in the armed forces, and as we've all seen, they are in harm's way, although for the men it may not be about sex, it could be going shopping or cuddling up watching a chick flick or a 'Trading Spaces' marathon." The terrorists have already won. This MUST be a joke... right?